a little bit of love

I haven’t been writing at all lately. And I often chalk it up to the excuse that at my peak, I had a steady nine-to-five job and far fewer friends in a new city. But if I’m being honest—and today is a day of truths—it’s because lately, I’ve felt robbed of a voice. To give […]

the phone call

she says through fuzzy phone lines though there are no lines or cords or dials or rings you have reached — an unfamiliar voice yours cold your name and i sit weeping this is one message four phone calls when i hung up hearing her voice strange half computer you quietly sleep one thousand kilometres […]

the crosswalk

The sky was so dark. Always black and cloud-covered and light-pollutioned. I never realized how much I could miss stars until I moved here. I miss the moon, too. I lightly tapped the censor at the crosswalk of Arbutus and West Broadway. Unsatisfying as usual, no real button to press into. My mind wandered elsewhere, […]


The air was thick and stagnant, barely moving around us but carrying each note, holding onto the smell of three bodies making music as I sat and listened, watching their faces, existing inside yet out. A wallflower. I decided that making music was magic. The sounds made me nostalgic. Heady and sexy. But not in […]


When I see someone’s gotten a real job, putting together car parts, making wholeness from pieces, I don’t understand the excitement. This is familiar. What Windsorites do. The 6:30AM to 4:30PM grind, eating at 5PM sharp so that he can go to bed at 10:30 and do it all again tomorrow. And tomorrow. This is […]

2 eggs any style

2 eggs any style sentences barely strewn over steam you, black tea me, coffee cream shy smiles and I try to joke about my caffeine addiction but you watched me day long drink coffee with cream the waitress weak smiled tries to shine whispers under each breath moments remaining because we take for granted Sundays […]

Goodbye (Again)

I told him I was bad at goodbyes. Thought about past goodbyes, where I couldn’t stop the falling of tears, beginnings of love stories that also ended. It felt like a bad teen movie quotation but I didn’t know how to make the next move. I was happy to lie beside him, to fall asleep. […]


we shivered seven sweaters in our basement apartment trying to hide from the dampness of the rain played with dials and wheels like children learning of how heat transfers from room to room body to body leaves floating how hot air rises and we are left with the streaks on our small windows basement apartment […]

rogue satellites and cocoons

I tell people I’m tactless because that way, when I fuck up, they have something to blame. Endearing and awkward, they say. No filter. But the truth is, I choose to be bluntly honest with people in the same way that I’m crucially critical with myself. The problem often lies in the social situation. I […]

the cusp of summer

the sickening romance of suburbia walking home waltzing through crisp air slightly buzzing on booze and the sweet floral smells of springtime lilac magnolia cut lawns mowers in the mornings drenched wet at midnight automatic sprinklers that make your bladder full as you run on blades of green god’s shag rug sliding behind a bush […]